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Tenement Management

Kenex undertakes a watch dog role over tenements throughout New Zealand and Australia. We run monitoring macros weekly and monthly to keep track of changes to the permitting landscape using the digital permit files provided by government departments in Australia and New Zealand. Companies can subscribe to a Kenex tenement monitoring package that is customised, thereby receiving access to data that will provide a competitive advantage in your exploration region of interest. This can include:

  • Information on who has tenements about to expire in the next three months over areas you're interested in.
  • Find out who just applied for a new permit adjacent to your exploration area.
  • Be informed about which permits have been removed (via surrender or revocation) over prospective ground.
  • Watching for permits that have recently changed in status.

Kenex can also manage permit applications with the New Zealand Government (New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals) as well as the state and territory mines departments in Australia, to help secure the rights to minerals in a company's areas of interest. Kenex knows the application process in detail and can prepare, negotiate, and monitor the progress of applications. We also know all the reporting standards and can help prepare the necessary documents and reports required by New Zealand Petroleum & Minerals and the Australian state and territory departments for exploration and act as an agent if a New Zealand correspondent is required.

Kenex Tenement Monitoring Services:

Kenex can provide complete regional monitoring for tenement changes over selected regions of interest. We will provide a written report with maps each month, detailing the tenement changes and can provide an interactive web map showing these changes. This service is exclusive, as no other companies will receive this reporting from Kenex in your area, giving you a competitive advantage.

Below is an example of a small area in New Zealand monitored by Kenex. You will note that we have identified all the permits that have been changed in the updated digital permit files, so that our client could make competitive decisions about their tenement management.



Kenex Tenement Management:

New Zealand

  • Kenex can assist with the application process for prospecting, exploration, and mining permits in New Zealand. These applications are managed by NZP&M. Kenex is experienced with the permitting processes and can help prepare applications for new, extended, or subsequent permits.
  • Kenex can liaise with NZP&M on your behalf, or act as your New Zealand agent if you represent a non-New Zealand based company and wish to take advantage of the country's exploration potential.
  • Kenex can guide you through the reporting standards and assist with the preparation of the documents required by NZP&M for exploration in New Zealand.


Kenex is experienced with the preparation of applications and reporting requirements for Australian states and territories. We can assist with several aspects of your tenement management, just as for New Zealand tenements.


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