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Project Generation from Proprietary Databases

Since the company's inception over 15 years ago, Kenex has continually collected and compiled geological datasets for use in exploration targeting studies, in relation to multiple mineral systems and commodities globally. Kenex has completed over 100 mineral potential mapping projects to date, including 3D models, in over 20 countries on most continents, on land as well as in the marine environment, and with more than 15 commodities targeted.

It is this work that has afforded the structuring and development our comprehensive databases of mineral potential mapping targets, mineral occurrence, and mine locations. These databases include numerous exploration and development targets for many different commodities and provide a significant competitive advantage for groups wishing accelerate the identification and acquisition of exploration acreage or existing projects.


Our approach can be summarised as follows:

  • Run searches of the Kenex Targets and Mineral Occurrence Databases, using the clients search parameters for the chosen commodities and/or mineral systems.
  • Generate prioritised lists from these searches, of highly prospective targets that match the specified search criteria. These will be ranked according to geological potential, with the aim of defining targets with permissive geology and structures, and significant geochemical anomalies. Those targets with evidence for economic intersections of mineralisation from historical drilling for example - will be prioritised.
  • A detailed review of each target will then be completed using the data attributes in the databases that focus on geology and previous exploration results. Summary reports are then generated for each target, to be reviewed by the client for possible acquisition.
  • At this stage, any new mineral occurrence data, new exploration activity information, and other information from researchers or government agencies can be incorporated into a project Exploration GIS. A more detailed consideration can be made from this to confirm the project's viability and consider work plans and budgets for advancing the project.


The process allows for vacant ground and ground currently under tenement to be considered equally, enabling the client to file applications, initiate possible acquisition, or begin farm-in discussions with existing tenement holders. The use of our databases is available on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis and this arrangement can be tailored to region, mineralisation style, commodity, or any combination of these.


target database

An example of the database filtering forms


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Arianne Ford


Elisa Puccioni


Genevieve Luketina


Tom Czertowicz


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