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Downhole Logging and OTV Image Interpretation

Wireline logging has been a mainstay in the petroleum industry for decades and is becoming more widely used in mineral exploration as targets get more complex and exploration itself gets more expensive.


Data is collected by wireline technicians using self-orientating tools that are lowered down the drillhole from a winch. The holes are left open for re-entry and are prepared to optimise measurement conditions by cleaning the drillhole wall and letting suspended mud settle out for the best televiewer return.


The physical property and optical televiewer (OTV) data recorded add a wide range of data to a project, including rock properties, additional detail about lithology, orientation of features such as rock boundaries, and veins. Data are delivered at mm to cm scale resolution and include measurements such as density which is important to ore tonnage calculations.

Downhole logging greatly increases the data acquired from RC drilling for a small additional cost and can also compliment diamond drilling. At Kenex we interpret the downhole data using WellCad software to log structures, lithologies, and to identify patterns in the physical property data.


Depending on the problem you are trying to solve, downhole data can be used to:

  • Steer future exploration drilling
  • Build detailed structural and geological models
  • Pinpoint physical properties and lithologies that are associated with mineralisation
  • Add detailed density data to ore tonnage estimates


Solutions can be tailored to fit your requirements. Contact us for more detail about what wireline logging can do for your project and check out our video for more information about downhole logging.


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