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Exploration Project Management

Kenex can help with management of your exploration project, from an initial evaluation of the mineral potential for the area of interest through to the design and implementation of a drill program.

Mineral Potential Mapping: Modelling the statistical probability of finding prospective ground for exploration targeting and tenement acquisition. This is a great first step for any exploration company stepping into a new area.  
Tenements: We can assist with the tenement acquisition process over the most prospective ground or areas that require further exploration and then monitor the tenement activity of competitors and help prepare the required government reports.  
Land Access Management: A critical part of exploration management is getting access to the land you want to explore, sample, or drill. Kenex and our partners can help negotiate land access arrangements, undertake ecological surveys, and work with local councils and other stakeholders.  
Historical Data Compilation: Essential to effective exploration is thorough compilation of historic geochemistry, geology, topograhpic, and geophysical datasets, as well as records of exploration activity, cadastral data, and land ownership.  
Field Mapping & Sampling: Collection of new samples for geochemical and petrological analysis, as well as field mapping and interpretation of geophysical and downhole logging data.  
Refocusing Priorities: With all the newly acquired field data and exploration results, re-evaluation is a critical step that allows further focusing of exploration priorities. Mineral potential maps being re-run in more detail is extremely beneficial at this stage of project evaluation.  
Drilling Program Management: Organisation of drilling logistics, running drilling programmes and sampling systems, and interpretation of the results can all be undertaken by Kenex.  
3D Geological Modelling: Using 3D modelling software developed for the geosciences, Kenex can help model and visualise geological and exploration data, even generate 3D mineral potential maps.  


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Michelle Stokes


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Andrew Wilkins


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Key Projects:

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Duke Exploration, Australia

Tampia Hill, WA Australia

Lachlan Orogen, NSW Australia

Chatham Rise, NZ

Bullabulling, WA Australia

Tennant Creek, NT Australia

VMS Models, Oman

West Coast Models and GIS, NZ

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