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Complete Spatial Business Management

Kenex is able to provide a complete spatial management package customised to the needs of your business.


For example, a customised spatial package for a mineral exploration customer might include:

  • Data compilation: Initial compilation of all existing data related to mineralisation and exploration in project areas.
  • Mineral exploration targeting: Using existing data to generate predictive maps that highlight the most prospective ground for mineralisation.
  • Exploration and industry advice: Provide strategic advice on how to manage and finance an exploration program.
  • Tenement management: Place tenement applications for vacant exploration areas with the relevant government, negotiate joint ventures for existing projects, and monitor competitor tenement activity.
  • Exploration management: Organise field work for sample collection, geological mapping, surveying, drilling programmes, and resource assessment.
  • Software and training:  Ensure that all staff of the client are using the right software for the job and have a database management system to cope with the incoming data load and spatial analysis. Or exploration clients may require the updated geological GIS software as well as a digital field mapping system for live capture of geochemical or field data. Customised training can be provided on request.
  • Fundraising and business development: Assistance with preparing documents and proposals for floating a company on the share market, to raise funds for further project development and exploration.


Key People:

Greg Partington


Michelle Stokes


Katie Peters


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