Our People:

Tom Czertowicz

Geologist / GIS Analyst


Tom has recently joined Kenex as a Geologist/GIS Analyst, focussing on the compilation and quality control of spatial datasets, as well as assisting with the monitoring of exploration targets in Australia and New Zealand. Tom has a background in geological research that involved fieldwork in multiple countries and in varied geological settings. Through exploration work in Australia, he developed GIS skills and gained experience in Cu, Au, and W mineralisation.

Outside of work, Tom enjoys trail running in the hills, surfing, and playing guitar.


  • Four years' experience conducting international research and fieldwork in a range of geological settings
  • Experience working as a contract exploration geologist in South Australia, mapping Cu-Au systems.
  • Master of Earth Sciences: 2012 University of Oxford
  • PhD Geology: 2016 University of Otago
  • Database management
  • Data collection/compilation
  • Target generation

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