Our People:

Michelle Stokes

Partner / Director / Australian Operations Manager


Michelle has over 30 years work experience across mining, exploration, consulting, and the public sector. She was responsible for the development of successful mining projects in Western Australia that are still in operation today. Michelle was a key player in the team with Greg that developed the Northern Gold portfolio in the Northern Territory. Michelle brings her high level of expertise in management and operations to Kenex after providing consulting services including to the New Zealand Government, where she managed the National Mining Index system and assisted in the implementation of the digital permit system. She continues to consult and advise industry and governments in various aspect of the minerals industry.


  • More than twenty five years experience in the Mineral Industry.
  • Twenty years operations and administration management experience.
  • National Mining Index Administrator of New Zealand 2001-2002.
  • Successfully negotiated and managed land access, joint venture and farm-in agreements on native lands in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Administered and managed land title and mineral tenements in six Australian states and New Zealand.
  • Compiled and supervised resource calculations, resource reviews and reporting.
  • Designed and managed exploration programs.
  • Bachelor of Science (Geology) - University of Western Australia.
  • Overall management of Kenex operations and projects.
  • Client management.
  • Undertaking and managing data compilation and verification projects.

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