Our People:

Arianne Ford

Senior GIS Analyst


Arianne is a GIS and spatial data analyst with more than 10 years experience in academia working on research problems for the mineral exploration industry and government organisations. In her position at Kenex, she provides expertise in GIS-based mineral potential mapping projects and spatial data analysis.


She has been involved in a number of projects for both the exploration industry and government clients primarily in the context of developing exploration targets and pre-competitive geoscience datasets for varied styles of mineralisation globally. Other projects have involved using GIS-based techniques for assessing sustainability in the exploration and mining sector and running GIS training courses. Her capabilities include: capturing, validating, and managing spatial data, relational database design and management, programming skills, advanced spatial data analysis and spatial statistics using state of the art software packages, and the provision of customised training.


Outside of work, Arianne loves to travel and is an avid scuba diver, photographer, and runner.


  • Over 10 years as a university researcher (University of Western Australia, James Cook University)
  • Research on GIS-based mineral potential mapping and spatial statistics
  • Teaching courses and running workshops on mineral potential mapping, spatial data analysis, and fundamental GIS skills
  • BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, James Cook University, Australia
  • PhD in Economic Geology, James Cook University, Australia
  • Mineral potential mapping and spatial data modelling
  • GIS and database support
  • GIS and database training


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